A puppy’s three great loves: tennis balls, the swiffer, and cheese.

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"La Belle Dame sans Merci" by Frank Dicksee, 1902


"La Belle Dame sans Merci" by Frank Dicksee, 1902

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All we have is this moment. Right here, right now. The future is just a fucking
concept that we use to avoid being alive today. So be… here… now.

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every woman on tumblr should have this on their dash

And every man

Look how nobody’s yelling or arguing or making things into a competition. Look how this is to straight up educate people through a different perspective. Look how effective that makes the message.

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Dominic West takes a photo of Helena Bonham Carter during the Arqiva British Academy Television Awards at Theatre Royal on May 18, 2014 in London, England.

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To find out you had a friend you never knew existed… Well, that’s the best feeling in the world.
Pride | Matthew Warchus, 2014

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